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Statements for IFAT 2016

June 3, 2016

In alphabetical order

Richard Clemens, Managing Director, VDMA Process Plant and Equipment Association, Germany
“IFAT 2016: Once more a unique global platform for meeting and professional exchange in the environmental technology sector. IFAT was again a shop window for innovations and technical solutions to meet the challenges of the future. The competence, number and international spread on the visitor side and the quality of the contacts promise excellent post-show business.”

Naëmi Denz, Managing Director, VDMA Waste Treatment and Recycling Association, Germany
“Above all the significantly higher proportion of visitors from abroad, in particular from Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia, speaks for IFAT 2016. The VDMA Practical Days again attracted over 4,000 people. Seeing machinery in action is the big highlight at the fair.”

Patrick Hasenkamp, Vice-President, Waste Management and Urban Cleaning, VKU e.V. (Association of Public Utilities Companies—Waste Management and Urban Cleaning), Germany
“Again this year IFAT was a resounding success for the German Association of Public Utilities Companies. This trade fair showcases the world´s key trends and innovations in environmental technology and as such it is one of the most important events for companies involved in municipal services.”

Peter Kurth, President, Federation of the Waste, Water and Raw Materials Management Industry, Germany
“With 70 billion euros turnover per year and a net product of 25 billion euros per year, recycling has become an important sector of the German economy with a broad array of services. As the sector´s leading international trade fair with an impact well beyond the borders of Germany, IFAT is just the right occasion for bringing together recycling experts from all over the world.”

Bernd Sackmann, Managing Director, Municipal Vehicles and Equipment Industry Association (VAK), Germany
“A flourishing trade fair with as many trade visitors as possible interested in the products of our member companies is of prime importance for the VAK. Trade fairs are expensive and important marketing tools, so the money spent on taking part in such showcases has in the end to be recouped in the form of as many customer orders as possible. And that is the likely outcome when the VAK member companies and IFAT put on an attractive presentation of interesting and innovative products.”

Otto Schaaf, President, Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA), Germany
“The dynamic strength of IFAT and its importance for the water and waste sector at an international level have remained undiminished, even in this 50th year since the show was launched. All the important trends are reflected in the exhibition and in the accompanying program of congresses and live demonstrations: energy and efficiency issues, the increasing incidence of heavy rainfall, closing the materials cycle, climate change, demographic trends, increasing urbanization and many more. We congratulate IFAT on 50 years of development to achieve its present status as the world´s leading trade fair for the sector; we at the DWA have supported IFAT from the very beginning and are pleased to be part of its further development.”

IFAT 2016—Testimonials of the exhibitors

– in alphabetical order –

Bernd Bathke, Marketing Director, ACO Tiefbau Vertrieb, Germany
“For ACO Tiefbau Vertrieb GmbH the highlight was the strong interest in our new products and developments. We took orders during the fair itself and generated tenders. Overall we are very happy with the way the fair went. IFAT is for us the absolute No.1 trade fair, remarkable for its size, the breadth and depth of the target groups covered and for its international scope. Our visitors came mainly from Western and Eastern Europe and from Asia.”

Ela Boulsane, Export Specialist Africa, Koluman Automotive Industry, Turkey
“Koluman has been exhibiting at IFAT for ten years. It is an excellent event for our company because here we can find all the key accounts of the industry. As always, there are many international visitors here and it is very crowded. We have met many new business partners and already got many offers. We will definitely exhibit again in 2018.”

Christian Coolsaet, Managing Director, Volvo Group Trucks Central Europe, Germany
“I am very satisfied with the fair because we were able to hold valuable talks with professionals and decision-makers from the sector. IFAT has a very high status in the sector. Above all I was impressed by the high quality of the visitors, which meant we were able to make very good use of our time this week.”

Ferdinand Doppstadt, Managing Director, Doppstadt, Germany
“As one of the biggest exhibitors at IFAT 2016, this has been a very positive experience for us. Indoors and outdoors we had many visitors at our presentation spaces. Over 50 percent of our visitors came from outside Germany. We were able to successfully present our international solutions competence to our target groups—to existing customers and new customers, and also to developers and young engineers.”

Daniela Droessler, Team Leader Corporate Marketing, inge, Germany
“For us, based near Munich, IFAT is very much a home game. Here we can showcase to the world our ultrafiltration membranes and solutions for water treatment. At this event we can reach all the countries and market segments. In particular, IFAT gives us excellent coverage of our focus markets, the EU, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The customer contacts we make here are qualitatively very high. Basically the people we meet here are around 40 percent existing customers, 40 percent new customers and then other potentials.”

Sandro Eller-Vainicher, Managing Director, PLASSON, Germany
“Overall we were again very satisfied with the high number of visitors with a high level of trade expertise from Germany and abroad. In the five days of the fair, we were able to present our new developments in a relaxed, professional atmosphere and consolidate relations with our networks. Everybody in our team was well and truly tired each evening, and that tells you how busy we were. We are already looking forward to IFAT 2018.”

Ivan Franičević, CEO, Rasco, Croatia
“We consider IFAT a critical and permanent part of our event calendar. The quantity and quality of contacts made during the exhibition is superb and the level of support provided by Messe München is on the highest level. This has been our fifth IFAT and I am certain we will be back again in 2018.”

Igor Grgic, Head of Product Management and Marketing, Bucher Municipal, Switzerland

“For us as a global operator in the field of municipal vehicles for street cleaning and snow clearance IFAT is a regular and most important meeting place. Here we can consolidate existing business relations, and forge new contacts, we can demonstrate our performance capabilities and expertise and present our innovations. That has been amply proved yet again this year. We were able to demonstrate our latest products to existing customers and potentials from all over the world and show them that we, like the other suppliers, are driving ahead with the general trend towards more economical and at the same time eco-friendly municipal services technology.”

Michael Heidemann, CEO, Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH, Germany
“For Zeppelin IFAT in Munich is an ideal opportunity for presenting special solutions for recycling, and sorting and handling materials. The entire sector in processing raw materials meets up at IFAT. Above all decision-makers come to us with specific questions, so many consultations take place at our stand, and we can present specific solutions to those queries. As a sector gathering place IFAT is the perfect platform for us to present the special capabilities of Caterpillar and Zeppelin.”

Dr. Marcus Höfken, CEO, Invent, Germany
“IFAT is a very international event, attracting visitors from a wide variety of countries. At our booth we talked to many decision-makers.”

Dr. Werner Hunger, Managing Director, IBAK, Germany
“For IBAK IFAT 2016 was a very successful event. We presented many newly developed products in which customer benefit is a prime feature. And that is something our customers very much appreciate.”

Markus Kaiser, Managing Director, Kaiser AG, Liechtenstein
“There is a good mood at IFAT 2016 which does not necessarily reflect the general economic situation worldwide. This trade fair was and it is becoming ever more the leading trade fair for the sector and it showcases a comprehensive picture of environmental technologies and their innovations. IFAT is really at the forefront of developments. The focus was very much on the trade audience from Germany and abroad. For example, we had significantly more visitors from Iran. By presenting our new technologies we were able to not only cement relations with our existing customers but also forge contacts with new customers.”

Kari Kangas, CEO, Tana Oy, Finland
“IFAT is clearly the most international show in the field and is the only show at which Tana is present as a manufacturer. As we were meeting many highly professional contacts from most European countries, Australia, Brazil and South Africa, we are certain to have reached this goal and even exceeded it. We are quite sure that we’ll be here in 2018 again.”

Dr. Johannes F. Kirchhoff, Chairman of the Advisory Board of IFAT and Managing Partner of Kirchhoff Ecotec GmbH, Germany
“The exceptional performance of IFAT is continuing in 2016. Excellent new contacts were forged for our companies, in particular in the international arena. The theme concept, implemented by the Munich trade-fair team with great energy and commitment, was very well received by visitors and exhibitors. Overall IFAT 2016 has been a tremendous success in its anniversary year.”

F.J.M. (Rick) Koks, CEO, KOKS Group, The Netherlands
“KOKS Group and ROM were ambitiously represented again at IFAT 2016 this year. Our booth attracted a great deal of attention from numerous countries. Not only existing customers, dealers and suppliers found their way to our booth, but also a lot of new, interesting and international contacts have been made. More than that, even trucks have been sold and new contracts have been entered into at our booth. Our participation in IFAT in 2016 also proved that IFAT is an event that cannot be missed by KOKS and ROM. We are already eagerly looking forward to the next edition.”

Carsten Krumm, Chief Operating Officer, WILO, Germany
“In the 50th year since launch, IFAT has once again proven its value as an international sector gathering with a global impact. That can be seen in the high number of international exhibitors; almost 50 percent of the visitors who came to the Wilo booth were not from Germany. That certainly underlines IFAT´s continuing status as the world´s leading trade fair for the growth sector of water management and industry and therefore as the most important gathering place for this sector. This is also documented in the high quality of the talks that were held at our booth. For Wilo even after half a century IFAT still has a firm place in our trade-fair calendar and despite its age, this event has lost nothing of its attractiveness. IFAT is sending a signal around the globe that digitalization has finally arrived in the world of water management. We are already looking forward to the next 50 years of IFAT and we will see everybody in 2018 again at the latest.”

Jan-Peter Krupczynski, Head of Sales Environmental Technology, HSM, Germany
“IFAT has once again confirmed its status as the most important trade fair in the sector. We are very happy with the number of visitors, including from abroad. As well as the sales concluded at the fair itself, we expect good follow-on business. We are already looking forward to being a part of IFAT in 2018.”

Steffen Lange, CSO, Talis Group, Germany
“IFAT enjoys an excellent reputation among our customers at home and abroad. As such we are very happy with both the quantity and the quality of the visitors. In particular our new smart solutions, which combine reliable valve technology with various electronic components, have attracted great interest among the visitors.”

Robert Löbbecke, Director Sales and Marketing, Saint-Gobain, Germany
“IFAT has now left all its competitors behind and this year we have seen a further rise in the international spread among the visitors to this fair. In addition the fair is now established on all organizational levels. As well as many decision-makers we were able to talk to many users and pipe installations people, via our assembly demonstration. IFAT is an essential component in our marketing mix.”

Alexander Mayringer, Business Development Manager, Manitou Group, France
“IFAT is the most important show for the Manitou Group to display our solutions for the environmental business and a great place to meet international customers.”

John Veje Olesen, Managing Director, Babcock & Wilcox, Denmark
“For us, IFAT is about building relations. It’s a great opportunity to meet customers, to establish new contacts and to network within the industry. We are always impressed by the international spread of the attendees. Therefore, we will certainly be back in 2018.”

Peter Oppinger, Marketing Director, VAG Armaturen, Germany
“For us this year the highlight of the fair was our flow-optimized plug valve and the many different versions. IFAT is the most important leading fair worldwide for us and it has the highest status.”

Falk Olaf Petersdorf, Managing Director, Xylem Water Solutions, Germany
“IFAT has established itself as the leading trade fair for environmental techology. For Xylem therefore, that makes it an ideal platform for presenting our innovative and sustainable products in the area of water and wastewater. The positive development is also reflected in the rising number of visitors to our booths.”

Jens Pulczynski, Managing Director, Alfa Laval Mid Europe, Denmark
“For Alfa Laval IFAT is an important date in our trade-fair calendar. Now that it has grown into the leading trade fair for environmental technology it is the place to target all our customer segments with the Alfa Laval spectrum of innovative and sustainable solutions for water and wastewater treatment. This year we were able to achieve our very high goals within just three days. We were very impressed by the interest on the part of the visitors and the intensity of the talks. This was especially impressive on the first two days of the show.”

Ludger Rethmann, Board Chairman, Remondis, Germany
“IFAT is still very much the uncontested No. 1 trade fair for the themes of recycling, water and services for municipal authorities and industry. This event is like a lighthouse, beaming out a strong message around the globe that we should use the resources of our planet sustainably. We were able to make promising new business contacts with potential customers from many different countries, among them delegations from China and Russia. The rise in the number of trade visitors from outside Germany is extremely important for us.”

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Rong, Director of Technology & Production and Vice CEO, Huber, Germany
“IFAT 2016 has significantly exceeded our expectations in all areas. For the Huber Group, on both a domestic and international front, this fair is therefore the most important platform at which to present our innovative products and services and for demonstrating our market position.”

Rudi Rosenkamp, CCO, Aebi Schmidt Holding, Switzerland
“For the municipal services sector IFAT has for years been one of the most important international trade fairs of all. The ‘World´s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management’ is a very international event and there is a high number of decision-makers among the trade visitors. We are looking forward to being a part of IFAT again in 2018.”

Michael Rumpf, Industry Manager Water & Wastewater, KROHNE Messtechnik, Germany
“We have been exhibitors at this event from the very first year of launch. So, we´ve been coming here for 50 years. For us this is the most important trade fair for the sector. The fair went very well this year. We will definitely exceed the success we had at IFAT 2014. The biggest water suppliers and wastewater processors were all here. Of all the visitors we talked to, I would say around 40 percent were from outside Germany. What we noticed in particular was that there were many Iranians at our stand. Our focus this time was on services and applications. People want integrated solutions, including pre-sales and after-sales.”

Dr. Swen Sewerin, Managing Director, Hermann Sewerin, Germany
“IFAT in Munich is for us one of the most important and best organized trade fairs. It is very international, attracting big customers from all over the world. We meet a very high-caliber professional audience here, and see also many of our competitors. Of course we also come along to benchmark; we want to show our customers that they have the right partner in us. The team from Sewerin congratulates IFAT on its 50th birthday and wishes the show continuing success in the future! Our conclusion: full halls, a full booth—a successful fair!”

Jörg Simon, CEO, Berliner Wasserbetriebe and Vice-President of the BDEW Association of Energy and Water Industries, Germany
“As a showcase of the industry and its capabilities, and an opportunity for expert exchange, IFAT is an important date for any company operating in the water sector. The Berliner Wasserbetriebe is happy to take this opportunity of looking beyond our own city, of gathering information and of sharing insights into the innovative work that we do.”