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Statements EXPO REAL 2016

October 6, 2016

– in alphabetical order of surname –

Sir Howard Bernstein, Chief Executive, Manchester City Council, Manchester, United Kingdom
“Holding this referendum in the first place was a complete failure of the political class, both in the UK and in Europe. I think that many of the views which have been expressed by the British people are actually not too dissimilar from many of the views that would be expressed in other European countries as well. Particularly as regards immigration. The uncertainty around what Brexit actually means is going to continue.”

Stef Blok, Minister for Housing and the Central Government Sector, Netherlands
“This is my fourth year at EXPO REAL, because German investors are the biggest investors in the Dutch housing market. This market is very attractive for investors, we are experiencing ongoing high demand for rental apartments in the free market sector. We are very happy to have long-standing relations with German investors and we are looking forward to getting to know more of them—and for that EXPO REAL is the best place.”

Dr. Roman H. Bolliger, CEO Swiss Circle AG, Switzerland
“To sum up: Judging by all the activity at the Swiss Circle Stand and the smiles on the faces of our visitors, this year´s presentation at EXPO REAL was a success.”

James A. Fetgatter, Chief Executive, Afire, USA
“EXPO REAL is the supermarket of real estate ideas and deals. It is the most serious and effective conference we attend.”

Thomas Fink, Director, Branch Network Development, TEDi, Germany
“EXPO REAL is one of the few platforms in Germany that offers all decision-makers in the property sector the chance of presenting their company and new projects and advancing business in the retail segment. With the Grand Plaza Messe München has created new conditions for retail companies to present themselves and their strategies.”

Robert Heffner, Advisor to the President of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA), Hungary
“We wanted the stand to be a bustling, exciting place, where the relevant investors notice the already booming city of Budapest. This expectation was fulfilled. EXPO REAL is a very important forum for us.”

Simone Kittinger, Development, Harry‘s Home, Austria
“The hotel property market is going through a very dynamic period. At this event we expect to meet project developers and investors. EXPO REAL is the most important trade fair for the hotel sector; the quality of the participants and the exhibitors is very high.”

Christian Kossmala, Managing Director Real Estate at Lidl Germany
“After a break of a few years we have returned to EXPO REAL this year to show new concepts from Lidl and to present ourselves as good partners for the cities. The response to the new EXPO REAL trade concept Grand Plaza was excellent, and it has created good synergies.”

Matthias Leube, Head of Asset Management & Transactions in Germany, AXA IM - Real Assets, Germany
“EXPO REAL is massively relevant. It was a great show. What really struck me was that there were so many international participants this year. That's a trend that's been building up for a number of years and, in fact, the whole show is now much more focused on global markets and not just on Germany.”

Nicklas Lindberg, CEO, Echo Investment, Poland
“We came to EXPO REAL for the first time as a exhibitor and it is a great success for us. We can present our new strategy and show projects to an international audience. EXPO REAL is also a great place for networking, we have lots of meetings here to talk about specific projects.”

Roberto Luongo, Director, Foreign Direct Investment Department, Italian Trade Agency, Italy
“In our strategy, EXPO REAL is one of the pillars of ITA’s strategy. Its a very interesting and concrete platform, with a focus on strategic sectors such as hospitality, logistics and retail.”

Dr. Gerard Lyons, Economist, United Kingdom
“Brexit is a fantastic opportunity for the UK and the economy will do very well in the long run.”

Dr. Mahdi Mokrane, Head of European Research & Strategy, LaSalle Investment Management, United Kingdom
“Of course, Brexit is a potential cause of dislocation which makes the investment environment more complex. It is way too early to say what will happen. However, we are also seeing opportunities in the UK and the rest of Europe; in my opinion EXPO REAL is a great forum to meet and to exchange ideas for those opportunities. For us, EXPO REAL generates leads which are so important that we spend the next three months after the show on their execution.”

Prof. Dr. Max Otte, Economist and Founder of IFVE Institut für Vermögenentwicklung, Germany
“I think that Brexit is an enormous opportunity for Europe. We have a homogeneous core Europe, we have systems that are closer to each other. In this sense the Brits are not a part of the Continent, and they would be the first to say that. But they have been cherry-picking for 30 years. Now perhaps that is over. And that would be good for Europe.”

Florian Pronold, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, Germany
“Every year EXPO REAL is a milestone in the development of the real estate sector, this year the subject on every one´s lips is housing. The influx of people to Germany has further exacerbated the existing problems on the housing markets, in particular as regards affordable housing. One of the great challenges of the future is to create more affordable housing, with state support and also with private investment. We need plots to build on, we need to increase the density of existing development. We have to make much more use of series prefabrication in the housing sector, and we need new ideas as regards floor plans and cost-effective construction.”

Daniel Riedl, FRICS CEO, CEO BUWOG AG, Austria
“EXPO REAL is the most important fair for us. We work in the German-speaking area, and as such we make sure we have a prominent presence here each year. At EXPO REAL we meet our business partners and it is a very efficient place to hold talks.”

Nouriel Roubini, Chairman & CEO of Roubini Macro Associates, USA
“The Brexit shock might lead to a slowdown of economic growth, but the impact is going to be smaller in Europe than it is in the UK. Yet it is obvious that there is more disintegration rather than integration. There are several upcoming crucial elections. Many political parties of the extreme right or extreme left in Europe are anti-Europe, anti-trade, anti-migration and anti-globalization. They could become more influential over time. However, Europe has to stick together, because either you swim together or you are going to sink together.”

Thomas Schmengler, Managing Director, Deka Immobilien, Germany
“The mood among investors at this year´s EXPO REAL was good. They are looking with confidence to the future although the prices for commercial property in Europe are likely to remain at a high level next year, too. The internationalization of EXPO REAL has continued and many foreign investors are putting their money into investments in German commercial property. Overall the trade fair has shown that the professionalization and internationalization in the real estate sector is continuing.”

Igor Tkach, Leader of the Moscow Delegation and Deputy Head of the Moscow Government Department for External Economic and International Relations, Russia
“Moscow has a tradition of participating in the EXPO REAL trade fair. Every year, we tell people about how Moscow is developing and present the city's investment and innovation projects. This year, we will be telling them about what is new on the Russian capital's construction sites, and how Moscow is preparing for the 2018 Football World Cup. But we ourselves will also be picking up ideas from builders, developers, and everyone who has come to Munich with their most interesting projects.”

Jos Tromp, Executive Director, Head of Research Continental Europe CBRE B.V., Germany
“At EXPO REAL my most important goal is meeting colleagues and clients efficiently both in a formal and informal way. The general highlight is that all decision-makers in real estate are here. EXPO REAL is a leading networking event bringing together experts in the real estate sector that help drive forward the development of urban areas.”

Patrick Zahn, CEO, KiK Textilien und Non Food GmbH, Germany
“KiK has taken part in the fair for the first time. The Grand Plaza was a great success and it helped personal networking. At this ‘miniature retail summit’ we discussed in depth with other leading representatives of the retail sector on strategies, expansion plans and current sector developments. No other trade fair in Germany offers a comparable collection of companies from the sector. All the movers and shakers are here.”