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analytica China 2016—Participants statements about the fair

October 13, 2016

– in alphabetical order of surname –


Exhibitor statements


Echo Chen, Technology Application Engineer, Marketing Department, Dikma Technologies
“analytica China is an important analysis and biotechnology event for Asia. Professionals from all areas of the industry come here to talk and communicate. We are very interested in conferences and technologies about food sciences, because that is what we specialize in. Dikma has participated in analytica China for several years and has gained a lot each time. We are planning to exhibit at the next analytica China to provide more solutions to the professional visitors.”

William Horng, Chairman, Kaohsiung Instruments Commercial Association
“We have exhibited at analytica China for several years and the results are promising. This year the exhibition is even more popular and offers a lot of opportunities to us. We have exhibited in other shows before. In comparison, there are more visitors here at analytica China and the results are better, especially in regards to actual orders we receive. We hope analytica China will grow even further in the future.”

Yi Hou, CEO, Hanguang Laboratory Equipment, Wesemann International
“We have participated in almost every analytica China. This year the exhibition is especially good. The exhibitors are showcasing their best products and there are many customers like Roche, Novartis, CCIC and other end users, including many experts and officials. We will continue to exhibit in the next edition because it is not only an opportunity to promote Wesemann, but also a chance to communicate with the industry.”

Jiaxiang Hu, Senior Manager Marketing Division of Analytical & Measuring Instruments, Shimadzu (China), Beijing Branch
“We have exhibited at analytica China for many years. The exhibition is great in both numbers and quality. We have brought many new products with us and use analytica China as a platform to present them to the world. The Sino-EU Symposium on Food Safety addresses one of the most important issues for the people and is very attractive to the visitors.We will continue to expand our exhibition booth next year. I hope analytica China will continue to grow further every year!”

Hui Jin, Marketing Director, Jinan Hanon Instruments
“This is Hanon’s fifth participation in analytica China. It has brought actual orders to us and strengthens our connection to the suppliers. analytica China is one of the biggest industry exhibitions in China. It focuses on the exhibition of technology making it the best venue to launch new products and technologies. I am grateful for such a great platform.”

Brett Liu, Deputy General Manager, Metrohm (Switzerland)
“Since the establishment of Metrohm China in 2001 we have exhibited in every edition of analytica China. We also launch our new products at analytica in Germany. In China, we choose analytica China as the venue to offer our new products because the visitor organization, on-site visitor flow and promotions are very professional and effective. We will definitely continue to support analytica China in the future.”

Jinming Lin, Professor, Chemistry Department, Tsinghua University
“I have participated in analytica China for many times and am hosting the Shanghai International Symposium on Analytical Chemistry for six years now. The exhibition is especially big this year and the conferences are of the highest quality and very well attended. Analytical chemistry is crucial to the safety of our lives. Through the Chinese Chemical Society we invited four keynote speakers and 16 guest speakers making it a first-class international conference. The symposium connects new ideas in scientific instruments and the exhibits. We believe it is helpful to the exhibition, to academic research and to the actual application of such instruments.”

Nicolas Paris, CEO, Gilson
“I am impressed by the exhibition. It is very big in terms of space and a lot of people took part. We can also see more Chinese customers. I am particularly interested in the Precision Medicine conference, because it is the future of medicine. I hope more people will join in analytica China to find out about new technologies and products, and to talk with us about the future of the industry.”

Yingjie Pan, Chairman,Shanghai Society of Food Science; former President, Shanghai University
“analytica China is great. This is our third partnership. analytica China is not only an excellent platform for product exhibition, but also a venue to discuss the hot topics in the society. The visitor feedback is very positive this year. They have made great results. We have organized a lot of academic conferences, through which the visitors may get to know the technology as well as the big picture in the industry, especially in food safety. The forums offer an easy way to understand the background and trends in food technology.”

Dr. Thomas Bocher, Director, Market Manager Food, Feed & Beverage CMR/AIC Bruker BioSpin
“The Chinese market is very important to us, especially the food safety market. Food safety requires very advanced technology and the Chinese government is investing a lot into it. This is my second participation, and the event is growing steadily in both numbers and quality. The forums, especially those about food safety, are very attractive. I think analytica China is on the right track. I will definitely attend the next edition.”

Haofeng Wang, General Manager, Great China, bioMérieux China
“analytica China is very important to us. The exhibition is very big this year, with a lot of professional visitors. We have brought our new products and the result is very promising. We will certainly exhibit again at the next event.”

Xumei Wu, Technical Support and Solutions Manager, Laboratory Business Unit, Focuslight (Hangzhou)
“This is our second participation in analytica China. The visitor flow and quality are both very good. I am interested in the food safety and fast-testing lab equipment because they are important to our work. We will come again next time and I hope anlaytica China will become even better.”

Guowang Xu, Director, Metabolomis Research Center, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
“I have cooperated with analytica China for many times and have participated in nearly every year. This year is virtually the biggest one I have ever seen. Both the exhibition and the conferences are well organized. And the two are mutually complementary. The academic conferences address real needs in areas like food safety, modern analytical chemistry and competitive medicine. Internationally renowned experts are invited to give talks to full rooms of audiences. I hope analytica China will grow further in the future.”

Sandy Yang, Director for Marketing & Communications, Thermo Fisher Scientifc
“The exhibition is very comprehensive this year. Many exhibitors brought their flagship products and latest solutions here. I took part in the food safety forum. It offered a lot of new ideas and findings about food safety in China and also discussed promising technological solutions. I hope anlaytica China will grow further.”

Jialin Yang, Area Manager, Analytik Jena
“analytica China is the most influential exhibition for the Chinese biotechnology market which is why we choose the exhibition to launch our new products. There are a lot of people in the show and the visitors are of very high quality and from very different backgrounds. We hope for more innovative start-ups and new developments in the next edition.”

Ph.D. Bing Zhu, Country General Manager, EH China, PerkinElmer Management (Shanghai)
“We have participated in analytica China since 2002 and have never missed any edition since. analytica China is not only an exhibition of analysis devices; it is also a platform of communication. We can see new instruments and attend high-end lectures and academic conferences. Researchers and experts from all over the world come together and discuss new technology and ideas. It is important to the development of the analytical chemistry industry and inspires new researches. We chose analytica China as the venue to launch our new products because it is very influential in the industry. It is the biggest event for the analysis and biotechnology industry in China and there are a lot of customers every day. To sum up, anlaytica China offers a great chance to promote our new products.”

ChenJie Zhuang, Marketing Manager, Great China Life Science, Agilent Technologies (China)
“analytica China is the leading exhibition in the industry. Agilent decided to use it to launch our new products that redefine gas chromatography. The topic this year is food safety, so Agilent is not only providing related equipment and technology, but also solutions. The exhibition is more professional this year. Also the combination of the forums with the exhibition is very well received: The exhibition offers the latest products and the forums provide detailed presentations which helps the visitors to gain more information about technological backgrounds and trends.”


Visitor statements


Xiaobo Chang, Head of Analysis Laboratory, Hangzhou Weichuan Foods
“This is my third visit to analytica China and it is even bigger than the last two editions. We are here to find out about the latest instruments and attend some forums on testing. We joined in the Food Safety Forum, which is mainly about related regulations. We are planning to attend more testing-related conferences.”

Betty Jin, Lab Supervisor, Evonik Degussa Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai)
“This is my first visit to analytica China. I am here to see the most cutting-edge products and technologies. We are very interested in gas and liquid chromatography as we specialize in quality control. It is good to see so many brands and advanced technologies here. I will come again next time.”

Liangkuo Li, Director Food Safety Inspection Center, President Enterprises (China) Investment
“This is my fifth visit to analytica China. The exhibition has again grown bigger this year with many new equipment, new instruments and new technology. We are especially interested in Thermo Fisher’s Ion Chromatography and Merck’s ultrapure water equipment. I have gained a lot of helpful insights and experience here. Also, the instruments from the Chinese exhibitors have improved greatly. We can find very advanced equipment from Chinese exhibitors, some in par with their international counterparts.”

Shimin Li, Deputy Manager, R&D, Unilever
“This is my first participation in analytica China. The overall results are very good. We are very interested in online testing technology, lab equipment and manufacturing instruments, such as the online density analyzer, the offline PH analyzer and the viscosity instrument. There are not only leading brands at the exhibition but also many domestic manufacturers who offer us many business opportunities.”

Zhaoxin Xu, Building Material Center, Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center
“analytica China is a leading exhibition in laboratory materials and advanced technologies. It is big and comprehensive. I have found many exhibits that I am interested in, like the ventilation cabinets. It has been a very fruitful visit to me.”

Chi Zhang, QC and Food Safety Engineer, Nanjing Product Quality Control Institute
“We have never missed any analytica China. The exhibition is improving every year. We are here to get to know the latest technologies and products so we can decide on our purchases. This year, the Chinese exhibitors especially impress me. They are offering products that are comparable to their overseas counterparts.”

Qipeng Zhang, Director, Food Safety Department, Master Kong
“Master Kong is very particular about food safety. We are very interested in new technologies and equipment for food testing labs. We are here to find better solutions to our testing. It is very good to see many more exhibitors in microbes and biochemistry, which are very important for food safety in China. This is exactly what I am interested in. Also there are more qualified Chinese exhibitors this year. They are showing comparable technologies to their overseas counterparts.”