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EXPO REAL 2018—at the heart of the property industry

September 18, 2018

Ten years after the financial crisis

  • Number of exhibitors at new record level
  • Survey: real estate industry still optimistic
  • Digitization, capital flows, urban development: highlights of the conference program


Ten years after the financial crisis, the property industry is seen as exceptionally strong. EXPO REAL in Munich is Europe’s leading industry gathering for property and investment. The sector remains confident, as is confirmed by the high level of participation in the fair—and by the EXPO REAL Barometer of Opinion.

“With 2,041 exhibitors, the provisional number of registrations is at a new record level”, says Klaus Dittrich, Chairman & CEO of Messe München. “And the pre-registration of visitors confirms great interest on their part too.” Both the participation in the fair as well as the EXPO REAL Barometer of Opinion—a survey of 1,380 real estate professionals—show that the sector is optimistic. “65.9 percent of respondents assume that conditions will continue to be positive for 2018 and 2019. 62 percent are of the opinion that the amounts invested in real estate in Germany will increase.”

International companies, cities and regions
EXPO REAL reflects the entire value chain of the property industry. The new exhibitors this year include Avviva Investors, Heitman, Marjan Island, ambitious urban development projects from Riga in Latvia as well as the Principality of Andorra, the cities of Liverpool and Sheffield—and, from Bulgaria, the city of Sofia is exhibiting for the first time. There are numerous country stands too: Luxembourg, Holland Metropol and Holland Property Plaza, Club France, UK & Ireland Pavilion, Suisse Circle, Austria and Europa’s Mitte as well as the North American Meeting Point. The space for the British joint stand is doubling to 140 square meters. Cities and regions from all over Europe are represented, the province of Murcia in Spain is attending for the first time. Serbia is returning after a hiatus of some years. Southeast Europe is represented in full except for Montenegro, Albania and Croatia.

How radical is digital?
The real estate industry is pressing ahead with digital transformation. 40.1 percent of respondents in the EXPO REAL Barometer of Opinion indicated that their companies already offer digital products and services. At EXPO REAL, more than 60 technology companies are exhibiting. And the question ‘How radical is digital?’ runs through the entire conference program in various forms—trade discusses how it can combine online and offline, for instance, and logistics talks about managing ‘the last mile’.

Smart, sustainable, salubrious—new urban concepts
Presenting at the Intelligent Urbanization Forum are four pioneering projects and initiatives for urban development: the British initiative Future Cities Catapult; the energy-neutral Whisper Valley housing development from the USA; and from Lithuania, Vilnius is exhibiting, as is the neighborhood development Werksviertel in Munich. The Urban Innovation Seminars put the focus on ports, innovation quarters and urban quality of life; at the City Leader Summit, mayors and CEOs of cities and municipalities interact to discuss common challenges.

Highlights of the conference program, in chronological order

  • The future of the property sector: how radical is digital?
    Keynote by Prof. Tobias Kollmann, Professor of E-Business and
    E-Entrepreneurship, University of Duisburg-Essen
    EXPO REAL FORUM, Monday 8 Oct. 2018 / 10:30 – 11:00
  • Artificial intelligence in real estate
    Keynote by Chris Boos, CEO and founder, Arago GmbH
    REAL ESTATE INNOVATION FORUM, Monday 8 Oct. 2018 / 10:30–11:15
  • International capital allocation: who is investing where, in what, for whom and why?
    EXPO REAL FORUM, Monday 8 Oct. 2018 / 12:00–12:50
  • Building policy: between regulation and new departures
    With Horst Seehofer, Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community
    EXPO REAL FORUM, Monday 8 Oct. 2018 / 15:00–15:50
  • Ten years after the financial crisis: how relaxed are monetary policy and lending?
    EXPO REAL FORUM, Tuesday 9 Oct. 2018 / 10:00–10:50
  • Are technical (digitaI) buildings the better investments?
    REAL ESTATE INNOVATION FORUM, Tuesday 9 Oct. 2018 / 13:00–14:00
  • Leading European start-up hubs and their eco-system
    REAL ESTATE INNOVATION FORUM, Tuesday 9 Oct. 2018 / 14:00–15:00
  • The Asian century: real estate capital cross-flows Asia-Pacific / Europe
    INVESTMENT LOCATIONS FORUM, Tuesday 9 Oct. 2018 / from 11:00
  • Europe—whither will you? How sustainable is the EU?
    With Dr. Marcel Fratzscher, President, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)
    EXPO REAL FORUM, Wednesday 10 Oct. 2018 / 10:00–11:50

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  • Ten years after the financial crisis:

    EXPO REAL is at the heart of the real estate industry

  • As the EXPO REAL Barometer of Opinion shows:

    the real estate industry is still optimistic