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bauma CHINA 2018 Testimonials

November 30, 2018

– in alphabetical order by company / institution –

Marc C. Scheib, Executive Director, Bauer Equipment Shanghai
“It was a great show for Bauer this year. There were a lot of visitors who were not just here to look around, but who really came to do business. All the expected major players from the industry were present, which shows the importance of this show. Compared to 2016, Bauer had a significant increase on customer attendance. We greeted guests from all over the world at the Bauer booth, which shows us that products manufactured in China are becoming more and more accepted all over the world.”

Jonathan Stringham, Vice President Strategy, Marketing and Digitization of BOMAG, Germany
“Our impression of bauma CHINA 2018 is very good. We have had many customers visiting our booth, showing a high interest in our machines and technology. Most of the customers were from China of course but we have also had visitors from South-East Asia and Russia. China already is a major market for BOMAG and we expect to continue our growth here.”

Wuyi Su, Sales Director, Mobile Applications, Bosch Rexroth China, Germany
“I think bauma CHINA has become one of the largest professional exhibitions in the construction machinery industry in China and even in the Asia-Pacific region. We have been exhibiting at bauma CHINA for many consecutive years, in order to communicate with the other parties in the market and bring the latest technology products and solutions to the industry. bauma CHINA provides a good platform for us to communicate face-to-face with our target as well as existing customers. At this year’s show, we made contact with a large number of local customers, owing to the current changes in the Chinese domestic market.”

Jun Qi, Chairman, China Construction Machinery Association, China
“bauma CHINA 2018 is very successful. It has made history in many aspects: the number of exhibitors, the exhibition space and the total volume of orders made on site. The construction machinery industry is performing strong. As a result, the exhibitors are more willing to exhibit. The organizers have done very efficient organization to met the exhibitors and visitors’ need. The exhibitors have especially benefited and felt the enthusiasm of users and their expectations for the future.”

Zimeng Su, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, China
“bauma CHINA 2018 is unprecedented. At the exhibition, participants are able to gain an overall understanding of the new technologies, new products and new achievements of the construction machinery enterprises from China and the international market. As the high-level exhibition platform, bauma CHINA will also promote the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and international manufacturing enterprises, and in turn further promote the innovation and development of the construction machinery industry.”

Weidong Zhou, Vice President, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-council, China
“The biennial bauma CHINA has become a regular gathering of our friends from the industry, and bauma CHINA is unprecedented! With 330,000 square meters of exhibition space, 3,350 exhibitors and a good amount of visitors from China and abroad, the exhibition is a great platform for new technologies and new products Exhibitors have expressed their satisfaction with this exhibition and expectations for the next. We will see you in Shanghai in 2020!”

Hongwei Tu, Senior Brand Manager, Branding Department, China Railway Construction Heavy Industry., Ltd., China
“The first impression on bauma CHINA 2018 is that it is very large. Many professional visitors and industry associations came to our booth for consultation and negotiation. bauma CHINA provides a good communication and promotion platform for the construction machinery industry. China Railway Construction Heavy Industry exhibited its intelligent equipment and held some activities. The activities were well accepted, and we made business contact with many customers. The results are very good.”

Shunhui Tan, Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman, China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd, China
“We are honored to participate in bauma CHINA 2018. Compared with the previous edition, bauma CHINA 2018 has improved significantly in the scale, quality and visitor flow. At the exhibition, we have met a lot of professional visitors, including project owners, project construction suppliers and other industry-related parties. We also received a number of orders, many from overseas customers. Also, a lot of customers expressed their intention to purchase. This is our second exhibition at bauma CHINA. I think this is a very good platform and it is worthwhile.”

Changbo Li, Head of Marketing, Danfoss Power Solutions Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Denmark
“bauma CHINA is a very good platform for the construction machinery industry. It enables us to show its new products and solutions to the visitors. This year, the visitors are as professional as ever and many of them have purchasing plans. At bauma CHINA 2018, there are many intelligent, innovative products from our peers and we can learn a lot from them.”

Lei Pang, National Sales and Marketing Director, Dynapac (China) Compaction & Paving Equipment Co., Ltd., Sweden
“bauma CHINA 2018 has made a big leap in both the exhibition range and quality. This year we reached very good results. More than 100 delegations of customers made inquiries to and negotiations with us every day, so our booth was very busy. The quality of the customers is also very satisfactory, and they have clear purchasing objectives. We have signed contracts with a number of major customers.”

Yangzhi Wen, President of Great China, Epiroc Trading Co., Ltd., Sweden
“We have participated in every bauma CHINA since its establishment in 2002. After nine editions, we have truly witnessed its growth. At bauma CHINA 2018, we have reached many professional visitors from home and abroad, who have come to consult and negotiate orders with us. As a loyal exhibitor of bauma CHINA, I wish that the exhibition will grow even better.”

Wei Zhou, Marketing Director, Fujian South Highway Machinery Co., Ltd., China
“We have participated in every bauma CHINA since 2002. bauma CHINA 2018 is much larger than the previous editions. The numbers of exhibitors and visitors have both made record high. At the exhibition, we reached a lot of professional visitors from large companies and related associations. We are grateful for bauma CHINA to provide a platform where we can show ourselves to the world.”

Achim Kühn, Head of Group Marketing and Corporate Communications, Herrenknecht AG, Germany
“We are participating in bauma CHINA since the first time. Every edition it is getting more professional – in terms of organization and exhibitor´s showcasing. For us, it is important to be part of bauma CHINA and show our German engineering expertise. A lot of existing valuable customers followed our invitation to visit our booth at bauma CHINA. Additionally we were able to establish new promising contacts. Builders, planners and construction companies of the tunnelling industry in China and all over Asia assured themselves of our performance at our booth.”

Xiaolu Wu, Director, Marketing (Asia), JLG Industries (Shanghai), USA
“bauma CHINA is very influential in the construction machinery market, and it covers a wide range of product categories. The scale of this exhibition is overwhelming, and all the major players in the industry gather here. We have met a lot of existing customers at our booth and discussed on future orders. We also reached many potential customers interested in our products. I wish that bauma CHINA will exert greater influence in the future development of the construction machinery industry.”

Marcel Kerkhofs, Marketing Manager, Keestrack N.V., Belgium
“bauma CHINA has gained professionalism and has improved a lot since the previous edition. We believe all important players in construction machinery are represented at this year's show. This also reflects in the amount of interested visitors we get on our booth. At bauma CHINA we are focusing on South East Asia and in the quarrying, mining, recycling and aggregates sector.”

Takashi Iwata, Deputy Executive General Manager, Headquarters of Overall Market Planning, Kobelco Construction Machinery (China) Co., Ltd., Japan
“This year's bauma CHINA is larger than previous years in both the exhibition space and visitor traffic. We havemet some target customers with purchasing plans. I wish a big success of bauma China.”

Dong Han, General Manager, Distribution Support Dept., Sales & Marketing Div., Komatsu (China) Ltd., Japan
“This year, bauma CHINA 2018 is even bigger than the previous years, and many of our peers are here. This year, we brought new products that are environmental-friendly, smart and efficient. We wish bauma CHINA will become even better in the future.”

Joachim Strobel, Managing Director, Liebherr-EMtex GmbH, Germany
“With professional organization, bauma CHINA 2018 has attracted many national and international visitors. We are satisfied with the quantity and quality of the visitors.”

Christabel Chan, Business Development, Lintec & Linnhoff Holdings Pte. Ltd., Germany
“bauma CHINA 2018 certainly outshone its previous edition with more exhibitors, visitors, and more impressive and elaborate exhibits. I was certainly impressed by the endless stream of visitors not only from China but also other countries and regions. We are more than satisfied with the quality and quantity of visitors throughout the duration of the exhibition. We met up with delegations and potential customers from around the world, like Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Mongolia and mainland China. They comprise of mainly road contractors and state-owned enterprises with prestigious projects in their home countries, where they are seeking to invest into asphalt mixing and concrete batching plants.”

Dengyun Chai, Director of Strategic, Lovol Construction Machinery, China
“For us, bauma CHINA is the most influential construction machinery exhibition in China. This year, it has made breakthroughs in both the number of exhibitors and visitors, and almost all the major players gathered here. We reached many target customers from all over the world. The results have been very good.”

Hou Yufei, President, Asia Pacific, Parker Hannifin Transmission and Control Group , USA
“As a biennial industry event, bauma CHINA is a great opportunity to showcase new technologies, new trends and to make exchanges between industries. We are very satisfied with the number and quality of the visitors at bauma CHINA 2018.”

Jing Chen, Deputy General Manager, Director of the CEO office, SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., China
“bauma CHINA 2018 is very successful in various aspects. I think it is the most crowded bauma CHINA ever, with the largest number of exhibits of the highest quality. The industry's key and digital products have been fully demonstrated. We have reached a large number of customers from different countries and regions like India, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific, Russia and Europe.”

Shaohua Guo, Director, Brand and Communication Department, Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., China
“We have participated in bauma CHINA for several consecutive years, and the exhibition has been improving both in terms of organization and service. For our part, bauma CHINA is the most important opportunity of corporate branding. Through this platform, we have demonstrated our strength and exchanged ideas with other important brands. At the exhibition, we received many potential customers, and the visitor traffic doubled from the previous edition.”

Xuesong Zou, Deputy General Manager, China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation, China
“We can say this year's bauma CHINA is unprecedented and spectacular. This year, apart from an unprecedented number of exhibitors, we saw a lot of innovative products and latest technological breakthroughs. The quantity of visitors we have reached is also very encouraging. Most of the visitors are from the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific area.”

Jingshui Liu, Deputy General Manager, Engineering Vehicle Division, SUNHUNK, China
“We have participated in bauma CHINA for two consecutive editions. I think the quality of bauma CHINA is the best in China. It has built an important platform for usas manufacturers to show our products and technology to the customers, peers and agents. The result we made this year is further improved than that of the previous one. We have reached many customers from Africa, Russia, East Asia, Central and South Asia, as well as Europe. It shows that the influence of bauma CHINA is strengthening on an international level.”

Hong Yin, Marketing Director, Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., China
“We have been exhibiting at bauma CHINA since 2004 and we trust this exhibition brand. The exhibition is very professional, either in the exhibitor services or the visitor invitation. This year, the visitor traffic is very heavy. We have met customers from all over the world and concluded a lot of orders. On the first day, the orders we received amounted to over 260 million RMB.”

Yiping Zhou, VP Corporate Communication, Volvo Construction Equipment Investment (China) Co., Ltd., Sweden
“We are participating in bauma CHINA for the sixth time. The results have been very satisfactory, and the visitors are very professional. We met many customers from China, the Asian-Pacific region and other global area like Mexico. For us, bauma CHINA is the largest construction machinery exhibition in the Asian-Pacific region. Through such a platform, we can further enhance our brand image. We can also introduce our cutting-edge products, and enhance our communication with our peers.”

Representative, XCMG, China
“bauma CHINA is the important exhibition for the Chinese construction machinery industry and we exhibited at each bauma CHINA since its establishment. This year’s show has larger scale and better quality. We brought our state-of -the-art equipment and technologies here and our booth is very busy with a lot of customers from China and abroad. bauma CHINA provids us a great platform to promote our brand, transmit our company value, launch new products and exchange ideas.”

Haitao Liang, Department Manager, Industrial Power Products Dept., Yanmar Engine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Japan
“I think, bauma CHINA is the most influential exhibition in the construction machinery industry. It is also the biggest one. We have been participating in bauma CHINA all the time. Compared with the previous years, the visitors at bauma CHINA 2018 are more professional with specific needs.”

Weizhi Shi, Assistant General Manager, Zoomlion Sales & Marketing Company, China
“bauma CHINA 2018 is the edition that we had the largest exhibiting space ever compared with the previous two editions. The number of show visitors was at a record high, and there were many customers coming to our booth. We were satisfied with the orders made at the exhibition and the results were very good.”

Alex Eisner, Head of Product Communication, ZF FRIEDRICHSHAFEN AG, Germany
“There were more visitors in bauma CHINA than last time. The topics of each hall were well selected. We could meet with all our Chinese customers and the global OEM’s as well.”

Jinchen Chen, Vice President, Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd., China
“bauma CHINA 2018 is the largest one in its history, with the most comprehensive exhibition range and the largest visitor number. bauma CHINA represents the trends in the construction machinery industry. It has always been our largest investment in exhibitions. At bauma CHINA, we can find many opportunities to acquire newand promising customers. We are very appreciative of bauma CHINA as the promotion platform.”